Working with blueprints and schematics can be very time-consuming and costly part of doing business.  Kuline Corporation is an Electrical Take Off Service that your quotations department should not be without!

 We specialize in accurate estimates, speedy addendum changes, and outlining special priced items and any discrepancies in the plans or items which need clarification. 

When you have Kuline you will be able to handle more jobs and more job requests.  We are the cost effective solution to get the electrical estimates done on time, allowing your company more time to spend on all those jobs you’ll be managing.

 We invite you to try our service with no obligation for 30 days.  We will provide you with Manitoba take offs and addendums for 30 days completely free of charge.  All we ask is that if you see a benefit in our service, you sign on to our monthly subscription. 

 To start receiving Kuline’s service or if you would like more information email us at kuline@mymts.net.

Kuline has been doing business for companies in Saskatchewan and Manitoba for over Twenty years.  When you have Kuline, you have confidence in your quote!